lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Siempre Verde Venezuela featured in Outdoor Blogger of the WeeK

Compartimos con Uds el honor de haber sido escogidos en la red Outdoors Bloggers of the week como el blog semanal en la categoria Outdoor Photographer. Gracias por todo el apoyo!!!

Featured Outdoor Bloggers of the Week ~ 1/31

by JOE on JANUARY 31, 2011
Siempre Verde
Our second featured Outdoor Blogger of the week comes out of the Outdoor Photography category ~ Siempre Verde VenezuelaWe use photography to further environmental conservation
Siempre Verde Venzuela–translation–Evergreen Venezuela Organization ~  is a Photography and conservation blog from Venezuela.
We wanted to highlight one of our growing number of International members, one that is not written in English.  Using the Google translator is easy (and there is a translate button on their site) and effective, and brings all of us non-Spanish speaking or reading folks up close to a beautiful blog from our friends in the southern hemisphere.
The world truly is a smaller place when the common bond of a love of the outdoors can be shared across the oceans and in different languages, with all of us able to appreciate each others works. The photography is beautiful and the view into another world is priceless. Enjoy this well done blog!

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